Social Issues

Social Issues

Common Sense mandates that we believe in the morality of the sanctity of human life, including the unborn. We oppose the deliberate taking of human life, except in times of war and self-defense. Most abortions are for convenience reasons, not because of rape, incest, or the life of the mother, and later-term (2nd and 3rd trimester) abortions should be outlawed except when the life of the mother is at stake.

We also believe strongly in avoiding the use of ethnic or lifestyle labels; they are not necessary. We are Not Latino Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, European Americans, Native Americans, or LGBTQ’s; We’re Simply AMERICANS!  Pride in our ethnic heritage is great and we do not believe in discrimination against anyone, but we don’t believe that preferential treatment should be given to anyone except those in true financial need who have demonstrated true effort, performance and/or sacrifice.   We do not believe quotas or affirmative action should be applied on the basis of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, age, marital status or sexual preference, as it is not fair to the general population.  The same standards should be applied to everyone when it comes to college entrance, employment, and business contracts.

The Common Sense Independent Party

We recognize and respect the decision of The Supreme Court, permitting same-sex marriages throughout the country. However, we also believe anyone should be allowed to believe in the traditional man/woman definition of marriage, itself, and not be subject to prosecution, discrimination, or pressured into changing their traditional belief. The First Amendment rights of Free Speech and Freedom of Religion must be respected and guaranteed.

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