Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy

Common Sense Mandates that we ensure the United States remain the most powerful military force on Earth, ahead of the combined military power of surging nuclear-armed China (building a huge advanced navy, air force, missile force, and space force to compliment its already largest army in the world) and vast nuclear-armed Russia, to be ready to defend our vital interests and freedom. This is particularly vital, today, given the fact that both China and Russia are, essentially, today ruled by powerful, strongman dictators (the Chinese leader, as chairman of the Communist Party, and the Russian leader, Putin, who rigs his own re-elections and eliminates his opposition, along with aggressively controlling neighboring former Soviet republics). At the same time, we should not be the sole reliable policeman for the entire world, and must require a congress-approved declaration of war when directly attacked (the declaration would have to follow our counter to any surprise attack or our possible preemptive strike if imminently threatened).

Additionally, our many European allies (The UK, France, Germany, etc.), Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Israel, and rapidly surging India (which has a very sizable professional and entrepreneurial ethnic population in the United States) must remain strong U.S. allies as a counter to potential threats from a possible expanding China/Russia alliance, Pakistan (if taken over by anti-American radical Islamists), Iran, North Korea, and potentially Turkey (now ruled by a dictator who is befriending Russia and Iran). Unfortunately, none of the currently friendly Muslim (Arab and non-Arab) countries can be relied on, in the future, due to their potential vulnerability to being taken over by radical anti-American, anti-West, and/or anti-Judeo/Christian regimes, although we must proceed on the basis that they will continue to be friendly.

We must also devote more interest to Latin America, from Mexico, to Central America, to South America, and throughout the Caribbean. This part of the Western Hemisphere is vital to our strategic interests as originally stated in the Monroe Doctrine. Most immigrants come to the U.S. from Latin America, with the ruthless drug cartels being concentrated in Mexico and Central America, and with China making tremendous economic inroads into commodity powerhouse Brazil and other countries.

The Common Sense Independent Party

Strategic Latin partnerships, inclusive of economic and military cooperation, enhanced by the adoption of the single US Dollar currency, in Mexico and Central America, are vital to the future security of the United States.

Finally, we should seriously consider making the U.S. territory Commonwealth of Puerto Rico the Pearl Harbor of the Atlantic, as the southeast (joint military base) anchor to North America, with a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier Battle Group at its core (could utilize the former 45 square-mile Roosevelt Roads navy base, which has an excellent harbor and an 11,000 foot runway), just as Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, serves as the southwest (joint military base) anchor to North America. This would also provide a tremendous economic stimulus to economically and storm devastated Puerto Rico. The economic collapse and deteriorating situation in Venezuela (with largest oil reserves in Latin America) is very troubling: having U.S. naval air power within easy reach, within 540 miles (300 miles closer than Guantanamo Naval Base), would be re-assuring in the event the Chinese Navy were invited to build a naval base there, or if currently hostile Venezuela were to become threatening to the region in some other way.

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