Needed Election Law Changes

Needed Election Law Changes

Common Sense Mandates that, at the federal level, the CSI Party strongly believes that we don’t need career politicians and that there should be term limits for President (change to one 6-year term, so that the President is not running for re-election on the first day in office, and yet has time to make an impact and get things done), U.S. Senators (change to two 6-year terms), and U.S. Congressmen (change to three 4-year terms—two-year terms are for the birds). The Presidential election, every six years, should be in odd numbered years, so as not to coincide with federal Senatorial and Congressional election years that always occur in even numbered years. This reinforces the constitutional mandate of the separation of the three federal branches of the government. We also believe that:

  • 1 Major campaign finance reform needs to be passed, eliminating the frequency of lopsided financial advantages by federal office candidates in general elections.
  • 2 The Electoral College should be eliminated; it has outlived its usefulness. In its place, whenever no presidential candidate receives at least 50% of the popular vote, a runoff election of the top two vote getters would be held one or two weeks later to determine the presidential winner.
The Common Sense Independent Party
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  • 3 Election Day Tuesdays (every year, not just in federal election years) should be a designated federal holiday for regional primaries, general elections, and general runoff elections (requiring the closing of all federal, state, and local government offices, and all public and private schools).
  • 4 The current drawn out and skewed Presidential Primary system should be replaced by four Super Regional Primaries, including a Northeast Super Regional Primary (14 states), a Southeast Super Regional Primary (11 states), a Central Super Regional Primary (12 states), and a West Super Regional Primary (13 states), each roughly representing a quarter of the population. These regional primaries would be held every other Tuesday, over a 6-week period, between early April and late May (but prior to Memorial Day weekend). All polling stations within each multi-state region would be required to close at the same Greenwich time, so that the results would only be reported after all the polling stations throughout the multi-state region are closed. The order of the regional primaries would be through random drawing every presidential election year.
  • 5 No official declarations/announcements of running for President would be made until after the November elections of the previous (non-presidential) election year, and no presidential public campaigning or debates would be permitted until January of the presidential election year.

At the state level, we strongly believe that every state should:

  • 1 Have open primaries, allowing third party candidates to participate and allowing voters to vote for third party candidates (as less than half the states have);
  • 2 Not permit straight line voting (as 8 states still do);
  • 3 Eliminate all gerrymandering;
  • 4 Have term limits for Governor (two terms), state senators (three terms), and state representatives (three terms). Again, we don’t need career politicians!

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